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Divorce Representation

No one expects to find themselves in a divorce, but it happens.  Many times, people find themselves in the midst of a divorce before even having time to think about what property he or she wants out of the marital estate, and sometimes even before he or she can grapple with the idea of what custody arrangement is best for his or her child.  For that reason, it's not uncommon for people to end up with a divorce attorney that is not a good fit for them.  Family law issues arise from the moment a couple separates, whether either one immediately files for divorce or not.  From the question of whether you should stay in your home or leave at the outset to questions after the divorce about what to do if the other party does not obey divorce order, we're experienced, dedicated family law counsel you can count on.  

Olivia Sheppard's style of divorce litigation can be summed up in this quote:

"There is a time to be tough; a time to be adamant; a time to be open to compromise; and a time to reach an agreement."

Our firm compromises and reaches an agreement when it is the right time; when it is in the best interest of our client.  We have no problem compromising and agreeing when it's in the client's best interest.  On the other hand, our firm aggressively prepares for trial until the minute a case is resolved or tried.  

We have the experience to handle cases of high value marital estates and contested custody issues and the dedication to value uncontested cases with minimal assets to divide just as much.  If you're our client, your case matters.  We collaborate with experts in order to give you the option to incorporate top-notch expert review and testimony into your property case.  We have implemented unique, flat fee billing to ensure there are no surprises on your bill.  

Custody Establishment and Modification

Our practice is not limited to divorce, but it also includes representation of clients in custody and custody modification cases.  The life of a family law case is unlike any other area of the law.  Once a divorce case or an initial custody case is closed, it does not stay closed in the way other case types remain closed.  Most custody cases are reopened at least once for either modification of custody and visitation, modification of child support, or enforcement of an order. Our firm is dedicated to efficient systems that inevitably materialize in a firm dedicated to a particular niche area.

Location and Scope of Practice

Because we practice primarily in the area of divorce and family law and limit our areas of practice rather than the geography of our practice, we represent clients in most Arkansas counties, including the Southwest counties of Little River County, Miller County, Sevier County, Hempstead County, Howard County, and Nevada County and the Northwest Arkansas counties of Benton County and Washington County.   Our main office is located in Texarkana, Arkansas, but we have an additional office in Bentonville, Arkansas to accommodate our Northwest Arkansas divorce and family law clients.


To book a consultation with our firm at our Texarkana, Arkansas location or to schedule a consultation by phone or via zoom video conference, click here or call (870) 860-7084.  To book a consultation in Northwest Arkansas, click here.  If you would like to request a phone call to schedule a consultation, click here.


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