Initial Consultation

If you prefer to schedule a consultation by phone, please call 870-860-7084.

Northwest Arkansas Location

Even though you have not yet retained an attorney at this phase in the process, the initial consultation is one of the most crucial pieces of your case.  The initial consultation is when our firm is first introduced to your situation.  We are insistent that we collect all relevant information from potential clients from the start, so that we can offer the best representation for your unique situation.  Your law firm not having all relevant facts and information from the beginning can be detrimental to your case, and, if not, and can, at the least, keep you from your best possible outcome. For that reason, we have implemented a thorough process for gathering documents and information, which starts even before you walk through the door.


We insist that you provide us with any relevant court documents for us to review even before your initial consultation by uploading them here.  If you have been served with a summons, we must review all documents with which you were served.  Whether you book your consultation by calling us at (870) 860-7084 or by booking online, we must know whether  you have been served with papers so that we get you scheduled for a consultation in plenty of time for a responsive pleading or pleadings to be filed on your behalf.  If you are seeking to modify or enforce an order already in place, we need you to upload the order as well.


For those closer in proximity to our Northwest Arkansas location in Bentonville, click here to schedule an in-person consultation or call (870) 860-7084 and let our staff know of your location choice.  In-person consultations are booked for one (1) hour at our Bentonville location, and a $250.00 consultation fee is due at the time of booking.  After you are scheduled for your consultation, a link to pay your consultation fee will be sent to you via-e-mail.  If our firm is retained to represent you, your consultation fee is applied to your fair, flat fee.

Olivia A. Sheppard is in our Northwest Arkansas location on the last Monday and Tuesday of the month, barring any conflicts with case trial dates.  She is available for both consultations and current client meetings on those dates.  


Because all potential clients are not in the immediate area for an in office consultation, we offer consultations via video conferencing to accommodate individuals in Arkansas counties too far removed from our physical locations and for those who are unable to make an in-office meeting fit with their schedule.  If, for some reason, you are not able to be in-person for your consultation, be sure to schedule your consultation as a video conference or as a phone consultation.  


When scheduling a zoom video conference consultation or  consultation by phone online at this link, be sure to choose the correct location (either "in person", "by phone", or "zoom") so that we are sure to connect with you with ease.   Consultations by phone or by zoom video conference are scheduled for fifteen minutes, and they are free consultations.


Consultations are for individuals considering hiring an attorney.  No legal advice will be given during a consultation.  Instead, a consultation is for the purpose of gathering information about whether you may have a meritorious case or legal matter or whether it is the type of case that our firm may take on.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Olivia Sheppard Attorney at Law, PLLC, please either:

We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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What to Bring to Your Consultation

We need a few things from you in order to put your case on the right track from the beginning.  If you aren't able to upload your documents prior to your consultation, please bring your documents with you to your consultation.  You may not have access to all of these documents at the time of your initial consultation, and that's ok too, but please start the process of gathering these documents if that is your situation.  If your case is a divorce case with minor children involved, please bring both the cases listed under divorce and custody.

  • Tax returns for the past three (3) years

  • Pay stubs f for the past twelve (12) months

  • Credit card statements for the past twelve (12) months

  • Account statements (checking, savings, retirement, etc.) for the past twelve (12) months

  • Mortgage information and documentation of other loans

  • Any appraisals of your home or other real property

  • Appraisals of personal property or other documentation of high value personal property such as vehicles, four-wheelers, fine-jewelry, boats, guns, etc.

  • All other evidence that corroborates any relevant allegations (evidence such as pictures, recordings, text messages, social media messages, etc.)

  • A copy of the Complaint, Summons, and any other documents served on you (this applies only if your spouse has filed for divorce and you have been served with a copy).  If possible, please try to upload these documents prior to your consultation even if you are unable to upload all other documents.

  • Affidavit of Financial Means

  • Tax returns for the past three (3) years

  • Pay stubs for the past twelve (12) months

  • All other evidence that corroborates any relevant allegations (evidence such as pictures, recordings, text messages, social media messages, etc.)

  • A copy of the order already in place if you are seeking to modify or enforce a current order.  If at all possible, please upload this document prior to your consultation even if you are unable to upload all other documents.

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