If you prefer to schedule an appointment or consultation by phone, please call 870-779-1860.


Attorney Appointments

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are free.  The purpose is for you to tell an attorney your story, for the attorney to gather information and documents, when possible, to determine whether he or she can provide legal services, and for both parties to determine whether an attorney/client relationship is the right fit.  Free consultations are held for approximately 15 minutes.

Because all potential clients are not in the immediate area for an in office consultation, Olivia Sheppard Attorney at Law, PLLC offers consultations via video conferencing.  If, for some reason, you are not able to be in-person for your consultation, be sure to schedule your consultation as a video conference.  We also offer the option of consultation by phone call.  


Consultations are for individuals considering hiring an attorney.  No legal advice will be given during a consultation.  Instead, a consultation is for the purpose of gathering information about whether you may have a meritorious case or legal matter or whether it is the type of case that our firm may take on.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Olivia Sheppard Attorney at Law, PLLC, please either call 870-779-1860 or simply schedule by selecting your preferred date and time on the provided calendar.

If you prefer or must have a consultation by phone or zoom meeting by necessity, please use the link provided here to schedule a zoom meeting or a phone consultation.


Appointments for Current Clients (In Person)

Current clients have several different methods of scheduling appointments available to them.  One of the most hassle-free is by scheduling online.  Scheduling online gives current clients the ability to, rather than calling and waiting for a return call, to schedule an in office visit to discuss pressing aspects of their case as those issues come up.  This appointment type is for clients who have retained us.

Appointments for Current Clients (Video Conference)

Current clients know that if they are unavailable for an in-person meeting, but they need the interaction of an in-person meeting, that the option of a video conference appointment is available for them.  This appointment type is for clients who have retained us.

Scheduled Phone Call for Current Clients

Current clients can use the links below to schedule phone calls during the pendency of their case or matter.  This appointment type is for clients who have retained us.


A Note about Consultations and Appointments by Video Conference:


You will need a mobile device or computer that has a microphone, speakers, a webcam, and high-speed internet access to utilize video conferencing via zoom.  

1.     Before the appointment:  Install the free Zoom client app on your device.

​          a.     Desktop Computer/Laptop: If you will be attending through a desktop computer or laptop, you should download the "Zoom Client For Meetings" app here.​

          b.     Mobile Device:  If you will be attending through a mobile device, you should download the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app from the App Store for your particular mobile device (iOS device or Android Device).

2.     At the time of the appointment:  Go to the link provided in the e-mail sent to you.  The installed Zoom app should be opened for you to join the meeting.

You will receive an e-mail prior to the scheduled video conference with a link for the video conference.  You will need to have downloaded the zoom app through the above steps before the link will work.

Neither your receipt of information from this website or any related social media sites, nor your use of this website or any related social media sites to contact Olivia Sheppard Attorney at Law, PLLC or Olivia A. Sheppard creates an attorney-client relationship between you and Olivia Sheppard Attorney at Law, PLLC or you and Olivia A. Sheppard.

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