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03. Business Law

Small Business Formation and Maintenance

We provide recommendations and advice regarding what type of legal entity your new business should be and perform the necessary legal functions to get your business off the ground and running in no time.  We strive to take the guess work out of everything, so that you can keep your mind on your chosen field of business whether that's construction, photography, trucking, farming, or any number of areas our clients choose to work and thrive in Southwest Arkansas.

 Business In-House Services

Not only do we form and provide maintenance legal functions for businesses, we also offer legal services in a new way that allows small businesses to have an in house counsel experience for their small business without employing in-house counsel.  Ask about our legal counsel services for small business that we can tailor to your small business situation.  We offer the following, among other services, for our small business clients who opt for our legal counsel services:

  • cease and desist letters

  • demand letters

  • unlimited scheduled consultations

  • monthly document review

  • phone calls, e-mails, zoom meetings, and company conferences

Arkansas Small Business Lawyer

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